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Ad Ditis Regna

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  1. Facilis descensus Averni: Noctes atque dies patet atri ianua Ditis; Sed revocare gradium superasque evadere ad auras, Hoc opus, hic labor est. — Cf. Pitt's translation: Smooth lies the road to Pluto's gloomy shade; And hell's black gates for ever stand display'd: But 'tis a long unconquerable pain, To climb to these ethereal realms again.
  2. Eripe Ferrum by WARNUNGSTRAUM, released 21 November 1. Nocte 2. Il Gran Naufragio 3. L' Orda di Arimane 4. La Via d' Occidente 5. La Caccia Eterna 6. Altare del Disgusto 7. Ad Ditis Regna.
  3. ditis translation in Latin-English dictionary. en The Spirit, by consecrating the priest and configuring him to Jesus Christ, head and shepherd, creates a bond which, located in the priest's very being, demands to be assimilated and lived out in a personal, free and conscious way through an ever richer communion of life and love and an ever broader and more radical sharing in the feelings and.
  4. Nov 28,  · Statim magno cu.m fragore silvae campique omnes movebantur et visum est iter per terram ad Ditis regnum, quo Deiphoba Aeneam deduccebat. Incedebant obscuri sub nocte per umbram perque aedis Ditis vacuas et inania regna, pariter ut per incertam lunam maligna sub luce est iter in silvis, ubi caelum conditit umbra Iuppiter. NO GOOGLE TRANSLATE PLEASE.
  5. Latin: ·genitive masculine singular of dīs· genitive feminine singular of dīs· genitive neuter singular of dīs.
  6. Aeneid VI Passages. STUDY. PLAY. ibant obscuri sola sub nocte per umbram perque domos Ditis vacuas et inania regna: On they went, hidden in solitary night, through gloom, through Dis's empty halls, and insubstantial kingdom, lapsa cadunt folia, aut ad terram gurgite ab alto.
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